Mounties News · 2020-21 Physical Information-Important Info

The MHSAA has made a decision to allow a Health Questionnaire to be filled out in place of a normal physical ONLY if you had a MHSAA physical from the 2019-2020 school year turned into the Athletic Office. Due to the potential backlog of patients at doctors offices, this questionnaire can be filled out and turned for the 2020-21 school year only. A new physical WILL be needed for 2021-22. Please note, you are more than welcome to get a MHSAA physical if you so choose on the proper form. This is for MS & HS students that competed in 2019-2020. Click the proper link below for the 1) Health Questionnaire or 2) MHSAA Physical Form. Documents must be turned into the Athletic Office prior to any tryouts for MS & HS athletics for 2020-21 seasons only. ALL Lines/Signatures must be filled out or it will not be accepted. If you have questions please contact the Athletic Office at 817.4698

  1. 2020-21 Health Questionnaire (Click Me)


2. MHSAA Physical Form (Click Me)