Girls Varsity Gymnastics, Gymnastics · Jackson Area Gymnastics takes 1st Place at Holt Inv.

Congrats to Jackson Area Gymnastics!!!!! The A team took 1st place out of 16 teams with a 139.10 !!!! But even our B team rocked surpassing multiple A teams to take 3rd Place with a 130.775!!!!!!
Top 10 places were recognized on each event:
Vault 10th place- GL Alyiah Hensen 8.85
7th Place GL- Amelia Hamlin 8.9
6th place- GL Abi Grimm 8.9
5th Place- Nap Alyssa Budd 8.9
4th place- JHS Megan Jones 9.0
1st place- LC Jenna Bradley 9.0
10th place- JHS Kayla Rumler 8.075
7th place- LC Jenna Bradley 8.2
6th place NW Emily Pelton 8.225
8th place-JHS Kaelin Schiffer 8.5
7th Place-LC Jenna Bradley 8.55
3rd Place-GL Alaina Brown 8.725
2nd place-GL Abi Grimm 8.825
1st place- Nap Alyssa Budd 9.0
6th Place-JHS Kaelin Schiffer 8.95
5th place-GL Abi Grimm 9.05
4th Place- JHS Kayla Rumler 9.10
2nd place- LC Jenna Bradley  9.175
1st place- Nap – Alyssa Budd  9.55
6th place- JHS Kaelin Schiffer 33.775
3rd place- GL Abi Grimm 34.725
2nd place- LC Jenna Bradley 34.925
1st place- Nap – Alyssa Budd 9.55 (Is this a school record?)